Talking trees in a Conference Room

How close can you be to trees when you’re in the Conference Room of an office located in an Industrial Area? Very close, it seems from a recent Treevellers’ Katte session held at Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT), Bangalore. Almost every participant brought a tree to the table. From cashew trees to coconut trees, areca palms to custard apple trees – and why, even a coffee bush – the room was greened within a few minutes of opening the Treevellers’ Katte.

The evergreen and abundantly fruitful jackfruit tree was one participant’s favourite “because every fruit is large enough to be safely shared.” Another participant favoured custard apple trees for their ability to keep the monkeys away – who knew?! “I never really connected to trees earlier, but after the pandemic, I have a special bond with the typically Bangalore trees and regularly go to Cubbon Park,” said one participant.

More than one participant leaned towards trees that they grew up around. In fact almost all the trees described brought a sense of home, memories of growing up with a strong connection to the earth and questions on how the next generations can be enabled to connect deeply with Nature.

The session was even more delightful because of the opportunity it offered to reconnect with friends and former colleagues in the context of this work. Sharing here a post made by Mallika Biddappa-Thakaran, Results Delivery Officer and Lead, Knowledge Management at KHPT… after the Treevellers’ Katte session.

Do leave your comments and definitely get in touch if you would like to connect with the Treevellers’ Katte for regular or one off sessions. Nothing like shared tree stories and memories to establish connection with the earth inside and outside of you!

Published by Charumathi

I track the imprints that trees leave on people's consciousness through the Treevellers' Katte - a holding space for tree stories and tree memories. I've been caught in the cross-talk between Neem and Peepal trees since when Bangalore was a sluggish city and a tree haven. Though Bangalore is neither of those now, the few trees that exist still have a lot to say - as do the people invested in keeping them standing. The Treevellers' Katte is in service of those trees and people.

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